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Empowering learners,

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Gartner says 2018 is a ‘defining moment for CIOs’ as they transition from being delivery executives to business executives responsible for driving revenue and exploiting data. Here are 5 challenges that they will need to tackle to get ahead in the game.

Are you pursuing a big data analytics certification course? Then you should know that the algorithms used for decoding and interpreting data can sometimes churn out unexpected results. As these algorithms are near perfect and the scope of data is huge, errors that aren’t really errors, but unexpected correlations pop up in the end result appearing seemingly illogical.

Companies around the world are using data to offer customised products and services, boost operational efficiency and optimise resources. The result: increased sales, improved asset performance and augmented delivery rate. What can companies learn from data? With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, extracting actionable insights from data drives better decision-making, data-driven discovery and innovation for competitive advantage. 

The advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. On one hand, they are limiting the scope of some jobs but on the other, they are also creating newer, hitherto unheard of opportunities. As per the World Economic Forum (WEF), 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020, while over 2.1 million new ones will be created. WEF adds that the only differentiator for human workers versus machines will be our intelligence – both social and emotional. 

This month Google held its tenth Google I/O conference, one of the biggest and most anticipated developer’s conferences around the world. Many techies eagerly waited for some stunning Android releases to be announced from Google and they were not disappointed. Google launched the developer’s preview for Android P, the upcoming version of the OS. More surprises came in the form of Android Things, an OS designed to take Internet of Things to the next level. Google also unveiled gesture navigation for its Pixel phones. 

Stepping into the future of Android

A full-stack developer is somewhat of a unicorn in the technology ecosystem. He/she possesses a wealth of knowledge to create complex applications from scratch, including all its front-end as well as back-end components. Front-end components are those that end-users interact with while back-end components comprise server configuration, storage, database authentication, logic, etc. 

A Dream Come True!

It is never too late to pursue your passion. Sushanth Raj, a student of our first batch of part-time Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science program proved just that! He dared to listen to his calling and today he has achieved his dream – a data science job role in Infosys. 

Remember the ‘ancient’ times when you had to go through long lists of movies in a DVD shop to find something you liked? Back then, selecting a good movie or a TV show was based on word of mouth recommendations so your choice could end up being a hit or a miss.

The global blockchain market is expected to reach US $20 billion by 2024. The technology is disrupting business models and becoming a crucial factor in reducing cost of transactions, while improving security and transparency in the financial industry.  Find out how four banks are leveraging blockchain technology to their advantage.

Two teams from Manipal ProLearn made it to the finals of Data Science Society’s Academia Datathon and we certainly can’t stop raving about it!

When it comes to testing themselves against the very best, our students are always game! The event? The much revered international data science competition Academia Datathon. It was a three-day event that was organized by the Data Science Society, Sophia, Bulgaria and saw around 150 students participating from close to 10 universities worldwide. 

Student of the Fortnight - Swaditya Karunakaran

Blazing a trail on the career graph

Sometimes, when you reach the destination after a long and arduous journey, it takes a while for the sense of accomplishment to sink in. 

Find out what’s “appening” in 2018?

Well, the best minds in mobile app development are pushing the limits of their imagination to create apps that are transforming the way we carry out daily tasks. Great ideas that originate in the basement and hole in the wall start-ups are consumed by the global app market resulting in their unprecedented growth and success. After all, what it takes is a novel idea that clicks.

Source: mediashif

According to IBM, demand for data scientist will soar 28% by 2020.  Here are five tips on how you can hire the best candidates and nurture them to create competitive advantage.


How often have you felt that someone else got the pay hike/promotion that you deserved? Ever felt sidelined by your boss for a critical assignment? Or being assigned tasks much below your pay grade, jeopardizing your chances of growth? The doubts, reasons and excuses are endless when it comes to promotion reviews.

While it is natural to feel that you work at least a tad harder than others, how often is it true? Think about it. You may have missed a thing or two in communicating with your boss, and that is why you’re probably not getting the best deal.

Today’s customers expect high quality customer experience to be delivered consistently - across multiple channels. According to a Capgemini study, eight out of 10 customers in several countries across the world, including India, are willing to pay more for better customer experience. So, how can companies better engage with their customers and offer an exceptional experience at every step of their journey?