Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - Level I Prep Program
Preparatory course for CFA Level-1 exam
Extensive Curriculum
Multiple Mock Exams

Starting at $ 423

CIMA Gateway Prep Program
Accredited by CIMA, U.K
Preparatory course for CIMA Gateway Exam
Rigorous Training with CIMA recommended Instructors

Starting at $ 338

Costing and Accounting
Six key accounting concepts
Master the three financial statements
Role of variable and fixed costs

Starting at $ 68

EY & Manipal University Advanced Certificate in IFRS
ACCA's Diploma in IFRS Preparatory Program
Joint Certification from EY and Manipal University
Comprehensive Learning

Starting at $ 381

Finance for Non-finance
49 episodes on accounting, costing and finance
Understand six key accounting concepts
MCQs to ensure concepts have been understood

Starting at $ 85

Financial Accounting
Learn to create & issue company's financial statements
Master concepts, principles and conventions of accounting
Understand subsidiary books

Starting at $ 47

Financial Management
Learn about ratio analysis
Working capital management and risk management
Apply time value concept

Starting at $ 51