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Advanced Business Analytics with R
Instructor-led sessions
Tool based learning
24/7 access to E-Learning material

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$ 224

Advanced C Programming
Industry-wide recognized certificate
C Concepts
Problem Solving Exercises

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$ 38

Advanced MS Excel
7 661
Simulator based learning
Pivot tables, Macros, Formulae
Self-assessment quizzes

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$ 85

Android App Development
Master the Basics
Unique Audio/Video Training
Exceptional Learning Methodology

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$ 105

Apache Scala and Spark
Create scripts and programs
Install, configure and use Scala and Spark
Process real time data

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$ 142

Basics of Business Analytics
Industry recognized certification
Assessments through MCQs
Experiential learning

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$ 71

Basics of Cloud Computing
IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
Get an industry-wide recognized certificate-

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$ 50