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Data is the new oil! With its power to generate meaningful insights with correctly analysed, it’s changing the way modern businesses operate. This has created a huge demand for qualified Analytics professionals.
What is Data Science/detail explanation

Over the last decade, there’s been a massive explosion in data generated and retained by companies. This data can be structured or unstructured and to unlock its true power, they need the expertise of professionals who turn can it into actionable insights using cutting-edge technology.

Why Study Data Science at Manipal ProLearn?

A career in Data Science requires not only analytical to statistical skills but also a unique set of soft skills. Data Scientists and Analysts are currently some of the most in-demand professionals with McKinsey even predicting that by 2018, there will be a 50 percent gap in the supply of data scientists versus demand.

Our Data Science online training program will equip you with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in this field. The pedagogy that we follow includes video tutorials, live webinars, interactive sessions, simulations, case studies, practice exercises and assignments. You get to learn Data Science from industry experts with decades of experience in this domain.

What are the Data Science Courses Offered at Manipal ProLearn?

Manipal ProLearn offers 28 Data Science courses in India. These courses are available as online or blended programs, which aspirants can choose based on their convenience. Our Data Science certification program will give you a broad knowledge and expertise in all the branches of Data Science. The Machine Learning Certification or the Artificial Intelligence Certification programs will help you specialise in the particular branch. The Data Science certification programs that we offer are:

PG Diploma in Data Science (Full time)

PG certificate in Artificial Intelligence & Deep learning

PG certificate in Data Science & Machine learning

Certificate program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Manipal ProLearn also offers short term Data Science courses in India. These Data Science online training programs are recommended for students and professionals who want to specialise in a particular domain or branch of this vast field. A few of our short-term courses are:

Advanced Business Analytics with R

Machine Learning for Data Science using R

Advanced Business Analytics with Python

Exploratory Data Analysis for Data Science using R

What are the various Job Opportunities for Data Science Professionals?

On successful completion of our online Data Science courses in India, you can apply for job profiles such as:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Science professional

When you learn Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence by choosing our specialisation programs, you can apply for job roles such as:

  • Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence Scientist
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Developer

If you choose to study Big Data or Data Analytics, you can get opportunities as data analyst or business analyst, based on your profile and background.


1. What are the course objectives?

The objective of our Data Science certification programs is to equip you with industry-relevant skills that will make you job ready from day one.

2. What are the tools that I will learn to use during the Data Science training program?

You get hands-on experience on working with professional tools such as R, Python, Tableau, SQL, Pig, Hive, Apache Spark & Storm and a lot more.

3. What will I learn if I enrol in Manipal ProLearn’s Data Science courses?

You learn artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, big data, data analysis and visualisation and more depending on your area of specialisation.

4. Do I Need any Qualification to Take Up Data Science Course?

This course is meant for graduates who have knowledge of math, statistics, and programming knowledge.

5. What is the Average Salary Package for Data Science Professionals?

An entry level professional can expect a salary package of around INR 5-7 lakhs while experienced professionals can expect to earn a salary in the range INR 9-15 lakhs.

6. Who are the Trainers?

Our Data Science courses in India, both online and blended, are led by industry experts and subject matter experts who have practical knowledge of Data Science and its applications.

7. What Kind of Course Materials Can I Expect from the Course?

When you enrol in our online Data Science certification program, you will receive the following study materials:

  • Core content – presentations and videos
  • Reading material with reference that elaborates various concepts in detail
  • Case studies covering actual business problems and scenarios and how to solve them effectively
  • AI driven Simulations
  • Project and Assignments

8. Who are Knowledge Partners?

We offer various online courses in association with industry leaders who are our knowledge partners. Our knowledge partners help us with creating the curriculum of the course and also provide a joint certification with Manipal ProLearn on course completion.

9. Who can join this course?

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Data Science can join our Data Science certification programs. Professionals who want to change their domain can also enrol in our Machine Learning certification or Artificial Intelligence certification programs.

10. What certificate will I get after completing the course?

You will get an industry-wide recognised certification from Manipal ProLearn and our knowledge partner on course completion.

To enrol in our machine learning online course or artificial intelligence online course email us at

Industries with High Demand for Data Science & Analytics
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Why Data Science From Manipal ProLearn?
    • Get Recognized
      Earn an industry-wide recognized certificate in Data Science
    • Career Growth
      Find better job opportunities after completing the Data Science online course
    • Upskill Yourself
      Perfect for managers, analysts, and business intelligence professionals
    • Salary Packages
      The average pay for a Data Scientist is ₹8.7 lakhs per year
    • Expert Faculty
      Learn from experts with a vast experience in delivering data science training
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