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A career in finance isn't all about money, though it's close. In today’s business environment, it has become very essential for executives to get a firm grip on financial knowledge to make informed business decisions.
What is Finance

Healthy finance is the key to the growth of any individual or organization. To compete with their peers in the industry, it is essential that they stay ahead of others. This has created a vast need for qualified finance professionals to manage finances, minimize losses and maximizes profits for the company.


Finance is a dynamic career path to pursue and with India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, there is no dearth of opportunities. Banks and Insurance companies are responsible for generating most of the employment in this sector.

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EY & Manipal University Advanced Certificate in IFRS
20 Students   |   Classroom
  • ACCA's Diploma in IFRS Pr...
  • Joint Certification from ...
  • Comprehensive Learning
Life Insurance Outsourcing
121 Students   |  
  • Benefits and challenges o...
  • Services of Insurance
  • Best practices of Insuran...
Life Insurance Plans
110 Students   |  
  • Stay up-to-date on the in...
  • life insurance plans: Tra...
  • Investment and retirement...
Financial Modelling Using Excel
120 Students   |   Instructor-Led
  • Master Basic and Advanced...
  • Forecasting Financial Sta...
  • Valuation techniques and ...
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