Digital Marketing Professional Program

This Digital Marketing program is designed in association with Google to address the growing demand for competent digital marketing professionals.

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  • 1767 Learners
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    • Sat, 24/02/2018

    Quick Stats

    By 2016, Digital Marketing to create 1.5 lakh jobs

    Salary packages of digital marketing professionals varies between 30-140K USD pa, based on experience. 

    Find opportunities as Online Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers etc. 


    Prepare for AdWords Certification

    Become AdWords certified future employment opportunity and to improve the performance campaigns that you are running for your business.

    Develop Key Understanding

    Get good understanding on the key components of digital marketing, commonly used tools in digital marketing and usage of these tools.

    Learning through Live Projects & Simulations

    Hands-on learning through Live Projects and Simulations during this course.

    Job Opportunities

    Find jobs as Digital Marketing Manager in different industries. You can land a job in agencies, managed services companies or client facing roles. 

    Programmatic Buying

    Learn how to achieve desired ROI through 'Programmatic Buying', an automated & evolving platform allowing you to buy & sell ad inventory in a real time manner.


    After every class, self-assessment is conducted to ensure topics have been well understood.

    Program Highlights:

    Program Highlights

    Master Google AdWords
    Learn about Google Adwords, Keyword Targeting, Display Ads etc.
    Expert faculty trained by Google
    Intensive face-to-face sessions with expert faculty trained by Google.
    Certification by Google India
    Joint Certification by Manipal ProLearn & Google India.

    Who Should Attend

    • Students with a management or engineering background
    • Individuals / beginners seeking career opportunities in the marketing domain
    • Professionals who want to shift to digital marketing or those who are beginners in the field of digital marketing
    • Marketing professionals who use digital marketing to meet their objectives
    • Web marketers who want to enhance their professional prospects in the marketing domain
    • Entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers who want to use digital media to improve their business performance
    • Professionals in marketing/ publishing/ e-business/advertising
    • Professionals who seek to improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

    Course Outcome

    Upon completion of this course students will be able to

    • Implement successfully online campaigns for his business and marketing problems within the organisation
    • Analyse the way in which the Internet has changed the marketing mix elements and how organisations employ them creatively in the digital environment
    • Gain a fresh perspective on online marketing in a global scenario
    • Develop a multi-channel strategy using search, social, PPC and programmatic buying that deliver on organization marketing objectives
    • Create online brand building initiatives that work
    • Drive change and foster innovation within your organisation
    • Integrate new digital marketing techniques into your strategic marketing plan
    • Discuss key stages in online development using relevant business models
    • Apply relevant tools and concepts to measure and monitor an annual online marketing plan.


    • Scope and expectations from the course
      Marketing in the digital world
      Integrated marketing- The Phygital
      Global trends in Digital Marketing
      Digital channels- Paid, Owned and Earned
      Fundamentals on the primary asset- your website
      Careers in digital marketing
      Skill development in digital marketing
    • Understanding Pay-per-click Advertisement
      Significance and evolution of AdWords in PPC.
      Bing Ads vs Google Ads- overview
      AdWords Certification- Overview, Benefits and Preparation
      Google Ad Networks
      Different Ad Formats
      Keywords - significance and planning
      Using Keyword Planner and other tools
      Keyword matches and their usage
      Campaign Structure and Organisation
      Quality, Rank and Relevance of Ads
      Bidding and budget
      Targeting Setting
      Extensions and their usage
      Ad policies and approvals
      Reports and Analysis
      Conversion Tracking
      Campaign Optimisation
    • Keywords - planning, matching and combination
      Specifications of an Ad and how to put it to good use
      Managing Invalid Clicks
      Ad extensions and usage
      Dynamic search ads
      Landing page - your virtual front
      Campaign Experiment
      Opportunities Tab
      AdWords APIs
      AdWords editor- Benefits and usage
      Managing multiple accounts
    • Budgets and Bidding
      Google Display Network and Partnerships
      Double Click Ad Exchange and AdSense
      Campaign Creation and Structuring for display
      Keyword and targeting through display network
      Campaign Metrics, Analysis and optimization
    • Measurement and Optimization - I
      YouTube - why you need to be there?
      YouTube format, tools and targeting
      Video Campaign Creation
      Video Campaign tracking and optimization
      Video Ad performance and best practices
      You Tube Analytics
    • Importance of Mobile and Opportunities to Leverage
      Key Objectives for Mobile Marketing
      Ad Formats and Networks for Mobile
      Mobile Site: Key Considerations
      Mobile App: Key Considerations
      Mobile specific bidding and targeting
      Apps Marketing
      Mobile Analytics, Reporting and Optimization
    • Google Shopping and Merchant Centre
      Setting up account in Merchant Centre - single and multi-client
      Setting up and using Product Feed
      Setting up and managing product campaigns
      Tracking and optimization
      How to make the best usage of Shopping Campaigns
    • How search engines work
      On page optimization - content
      On page optimization - technical
      Off-page optimization and link building
      Some key SEO tools
      Creating a SEO plan
    • Evolution and importance of Social Media
      Organic and paid Social Media
      Facebook Marketing
      Twitter Marketing
      LinkedIn Marketing
      Pinterest Marketing
      Instagram Marketing
      Social media Tools
      Social Media Analytics
    • Building a case for digital analytics
      Understanding Google Analytics
      Setting up Google Analytics
      Reports, Dashboards and Customizations
      Linking AdWords and Google Analytics
      Optimization of AdWords using Google Analytics
      Test and Learn framework- A/B Testing
      Attribution Modelling
    • Programmatic Buying
      Email Marketing
      Affiliate Marketing
      Creating digital media plan