School for Jobs B2B

School For Jobs
Improving efficiency of entry-level hiring by providing
workforce who are ready for workplace from Day -1
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First day First hour productive candidates
Save training cost & improve time to deployment of resources
Improve flexibility of recruiting high quality candidates though just in time hiring
Why companies choose School For Jobs
Get candidates trained in skills which meet your requirement
Assured quality of candidate
Recruit best fit candidates by widening talent catchment
Our Recruiters
We provide SFJ for following categories
Intensive skill development program covering Core Selling Skills, Product and Process Knowledge and Communication Skills that are considered assets across businesses. An intensive On-the-Job training prepares candidates to achieve Market Readiness.
Information Technology
Programs to get Engineering graduates trained in IT Foundation, Technology Domain Skills, Aptitude and Interpersonal Skills demanded by the employer.
How It Works
Step 1: Source Candidates
Manipal ProLearn sources candidates as per company requirements.
Step 2: Residential Training
Manipal ProLearn trains candidates based on Company approved training curriculum
Step 3: Hire Candidates
On completion of the training, the Company assesses the candidate and successful
Step 4: Deploy on Project
Company can deploy candidates on live projects from 1st day